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Slow Cooker Chili Recipes – The Easiest Way To Spice Up Your Cooking

Slow Cooker Chili Recipes – The Easiest Way To Spice Up Your Cooking

Slow cooker chili recipes are one of the easiest ways to enjoy the benefits of spicy fresh food cooked using a variety of spices.

Many amateur chefs or home cooks are scared by the prospect of cooking spicy food. Such cuisine is often perceived to be the domain of professionals or cooks that have grown up in regions famous for spicy foods such as Asia or south America. This could not be further from the truth.

Spices such as chili, turmeric, garam masala, all spice and cumin offer a very simple way for the inexperienced or amateur cook to liven up an otherwise bland dish. Take for example a tin of chopped tomatoes: place them in a pan with some garlic, fresh chili and some cumin and you immediately have a lively sauce that could form the base to many Indian dishes.

So assuming chili peppers and other spices offer the cook a simple way to liven up simple cooking, adding a slow cooker simplifies the process of putting dishes together such that the chef can focus more on flavour combinations and taste rather than cooking methodologies.

Using a slow cooker chili recipe simply involves choosing a nice selection of base ingredients that can be used in most dishes; chili peppers, potatoes, carrots, courgettes, onions, garlic. In addition the cook can then add other more specific ingredients such as chicken, beef, red or white wine, fish, liver etc. Once these two elements have been combined and are cooking slowly the chef has little to worry about.

Slow cookers therefore remove the need to be concerned about timings, browning onions, searing, crisping etc and instead let the chef free to concentrate on the 3rd element to a successful slow cooker chili recipe; spices. Once the first two elements are cooking, you should taste and experiment by adding different varieties of chili, turmeric or other spices and herbs in order to perfect the blend of flavours in your dish.

Source by James McKerr

Strawberry Banana Smoothies Your Kids Will Love

Strawberry Banana Smoothies Your Kids Will Love

Guess what the most popular smoothie is. If you were to ask a bunch of different people what their favorite was, what do you think would come up high on the list? Most likely, it would be strawberry banana smoothies.

Something this popular has to taste great! So it's a good time to follow the trend and add your own unique spin to the concoction.

What is it about strawberry and banana that makes the combo so popular? Banana is a creamy and mellow-sweet fruit, for one thing.

Strawberries are of course very sweet, but they are also quite tart and rich with passion. They go perfectly with the sweet and mellower bananas.

Strawberry banana smoothies usually include a mixture of the fruits along with ice and milk. That's a delicious recipe as it is, but you can still find ways to make it even better.

The real beauty behind smoothie recipes is that you can use almost any combination of fruits you can think of, blend them together, and come out with something that tastes fantastic.

Here's a quick tip: Try tossing in some blueberries when you're mixing up strawberry banana smoothies. This will add a subtle layer of flavor to die for.

This is an excellent option for smoothies if you're having trouble getting all the antioxidants you need every day.

Oh, and chocolate tastes wonderful in smoothies that contain strawberries and bananas. Ever tasted bananas or strawberries dipped in chocolate?

If you've experienced this, you know how delicious this combo is. So, try mixing in some chocolate ice cream or yogurt with your smoothie.

But if this is going to be part of a smoothie diet, you'll want to make it as healthy as possible. As odd as this sounds, you should try adding chard or kale to your smoothie, since this will give you an even better dose of vitamins.

So what you get is a wonderful drink that tastes of strawberries and bananas, but you'll still get your healthy greens.

Just have fun with it, okay around, and see what you get. It will not be long before you're coming up with your own concoctions of strawberry and banana. If you make this a regular part of your diet, your doctor will be amazed by your health.

Finding good smoothie recipes is the best way to get started. Use them as a jumping point to learn all about what you can do with delicious, healthy smoothies.

Source by Gertie Terry

Type 2 Diabetes – Research Shows Sugary Soft Drinks Are A Risk Factor for Gestational Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes – Research Shows Sugary Soft Drinks Are A Risk Factor for Gestational Diabetes

Sugar-sweetened soft drinks have long been a known risk factor for developing Type 2 diabetes, so it should not come as a surprise to find they raise the risk of developing Gestational diabetes or diabetes of pregnancy, as well. In February of 2017, the journal Clinical Nutrition reported on a study relating to this subject from the University of Navarra in Pamplona, Spain. The study taking place over three years included 172 new cases of Gestational diabetes in 3396 women. Mothers with the highest consumption of sugary soft drinks were more than twice as likely to develop diabetes during their pregnancy than those who drank few or no sugary beverages. No link was seen between diet soft drinks and the Gestational diabetes risk.

Another study carried out at the University of Iceland in Reykjavik, Iceland and published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition in February 2017, also compared sugar-sweetened soft drink consumption and the development of diabetes during pregnancy. Scientists there came to the same conclusion regarding sugary soft drinks and went on to find the consumption of French fries were also linked with Gestational diabetes.

A total of 168 pregnant women between the ages of 18 and 40 kept 4-day diaries of their food consumption. An oral glucose tolerance test found fewer cases of Gestational diabetes in mothers consuming healthy diets, including nutritious foods such as…

  • fruits,
  • berries,
  • vegetable oils,
  • nuts,
  • seeds,
  • pasta,
  • breakfast cereals,
  • coffee, tea and cocoa powder.

The women who chose to eat healthy foods were half as likely as those with unhealthy food choices to develop diabetes during their pregnancy. This was true for both the overall group and the overweight and obese women. Gestational diabetes was seen in…

  • 2.3 percent of normal-weight women, and
  • 18.3 percent of overweight and obese women.

According to the Mayo Clinic in the United States, there are five serious consequences linked with Gestational diabetes…

  • a high birth weight,
  • prematurity,
  • respiratory distress,
  • low blood sugar levels, and
  • a high risk of developing Type 2 diabetes later on in life.

In Gestational diabetes, as in all kinds of diabetes, the patient’s blood sugar is higher than normal. Sugar crosses the placenta and causes the baby to add too much fat, just as it does in adults. Overweight and obese infants often go on to develop Type 2 diabetes.

High blood sugar levels can cause early labor and preterm birth, or overweight babies may be induced to avoid c-sections. In either case, a premature baby’s lungs lack surfactant, a liquid that helps them to expand and contract. Respiratory distress can result.

Low blood sugar can occur when the infant’s pancreas makes too much insulin to overcome the high amount of blood sugar from the mother.

Source by Beverleigh H Piepers

How to Treat Mouth Ulcers

How to Treat Mouth Ulcers

If you have painful, white lesions inside your mouth, then most probably you have what is called mouth ulcers or canker sores. Usually, this does not need treatment as they often go away on their own. However, simple things like talking, brushing the teeth, and even eating can become a painful experience if you have mouth sores.

Stress, smoking, hormonal changes, and deficiency in vitamins such as ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) and cobalamin (Vitamin B12) are common grounds for getting canker sores. Sometimes, this can also be attributed to viral and bacterial infections and certain medicines that you have or take.

However, being one of the easiest to treat diseases, mouth sores can be treated using home remedy options or through oral medication. Gargle with tomato juice at least three times a day to eliminate your mouth ulcers. If preparing the juice is a hassle, try biting or eating one. You still get the same result. Chewing on guava leaves also provides the same effect. In just a few days, your canker sores are gone and talking will be a breeze again.

Another herb that is known to cure mouth sores is basil leaves. Chew about 5 leaves at least three times a day. Do this together with water and in a short span of time, your canker sores are gone. Another thing about basil leaves is while it is treating your canker sore, you also get fresher breath. Alternatively, gargling with warm water with salt also relieves you of the pain mouth sores bring. Somehow, the salt solution numbs the sores and will make it easier for you to eat and talk.

Sodium bicarbonate is another option. Combine a small amount with water and gargle with it at least three times a day. If you have peppermint oil at home, apply a small amount directly on the white patches and your mouth ulcers will be gone in no time. Canker sores normally heal within two weeks. If it goes beyond that time frame, go see your doctor for further analysis of your canker sore. Your doctor will most probably advise you to apply corticosteroids or paste treatments for the swelling.

Neither harmful nor contagious, mouth ulcers can really be very painful especially when you accidentally hit them with your teeth or bite them. Do any of the above home remedy solutions or opt for over-the-counter medication and relieve yourself of the discomfort.

Source by Riko Kawasaki

Chicago Pizza is a Whole New Experience

Chicago Pizza is a Whole New Experience

If you live in or near Chicago, then you are probably aware that there is nothing like a Chicago pizza. You can not just call any pizza a Chicago pizza because it is made in a special way. To put it simply, this type of pizza is a deep dish. Now, I'm not talking about the stuff Pizza Hut calls deep dish. I mean that this pizza is really deep! This pizza may be considered as the opposite of the flat New York style pizza. A lot of people are still arguing over which style is truly the best.

You can request some places in Chicago to deliver their pizza to your home. In fact, you can get Chicago pizza delivered to your front door, even if you live in Florida. However, it will not arrive in the traditional way, and there will be no need to tip the delivery boy. This pizza will be sent to your home and you must cook it yourself. You can be sure that the pizza will be authentic, and you can see what all the fuss is about once you tasted it.

You will have more options when it comes to ingredients if you can find someone to mail you a Chicago pizza. There is room for just about anything you could desire since so much goes into a deep-dish style pizza. You will be amazed at the long list of veggies, meat toppings, cheese, and other oddities that you can choose from. I can assure you that you will get the pizza of your dreams, and lots of it. If you look hard enough, you might even find wacky combinations like pineapple and ham at some shops. Of course, it will depend on the shop you choose, and how traditional they are. Some people simply believe that fruit should not be put on a Chicago Pizza and that is the end of the story.

You should remember that you can not eat a lot of Chicago pizza. You may find trouble finishing just one slice of a Chicago pizza even if you are used to having two or even three slices of a New York style pizza at one sitting. The slices are so thick that it's more like eating a large slice of lasagna than it is a slice of pizza. You might have to take most of your pizza home to eat, but you'll be happy when you realize that it'll still be good the second time around.

Source by Morgan Hamilton

Bipolar Marriage – Is it Possible?

Bipolar Marriage – Is it Possible?

Marriage is a difficult proposition. You both have to learn how to communicate effectively. You have to meet each other’s needs, intimately and otherwise. However, when one of you has bipolar disorder, you’re climbing up a large mountain – one that may seem insurmountable at times. Is it possible to survive in a marriage when one of the people has bipolar disorder? I believe so, but it will take work on both sides.

Just like in a “regular” marriage, communication is the key. You must be able to share your thoughts and feelings with each other. If you have started off as friends, talking over endless cups of coffee in cheap restaurants, then this will benefit you now. Stay friends first. This will help you to communicate openly and honestly with each other. Don’t just stuff those important feelings – share them with each other.

Supporter, don’t try to “fix” your spouse. They may have a “broken brain,” but they are not a broken person. Although they may be moody at times, your unconditional love and understanding is what they need – much more than another therapist, psychiatrist, or mother. Just be a supportive spouse, and you will be meeting your loved one’s fundamental needs.

Allow your loved one the freedom to be themselves. They may have to deal with the “outside world” during the day (at a job or volunteer work), but when they get home, you will see the real person behind the masks they sometimes have to wear. Just be aware that someone with bipolar disorder may take things out on the person closest to them, and you may have to bear the brunt of your spouse’s frustration and anger. Please don’t take this personally. If you are aware of it ahead of time, you won’t experience your own frustration, anger, and other negative feelings, and you will be able to be more supportive.

Since you are the person closest to them, you will be the first to notice triggers, signs and symptoms, and any other behavior out of the ordinary for your spouse that might indicate an oncoming bipolar episode. You may want to talk to them if this happens and point out these things, hoping that they would agree to call one of the professionals on their treatment team.

Should your spouse, indeed, go into a bipolar episode, be as supportive as possible, showing your unconditional love and reassuring them that you will be waiting for them. Being hospitalized can be a very frightening experience for anyone with bipolar disorder, and they can feel very much alone. In the case of a married couple, many times the couple has not been separated much, so the person with bipolar disorder may feel lonely and isolated. You may be able to combat this with encouraging letters and visits to your spouse.

Above all else, be honest, open, and loving with your spouse. Remember why you fell in love with them in the first place. Try to separate them from their bipolar disorder. They are not their disorder, and it is not their fault that they have it. If you can remember this, and remember your wedding vows, then during the “…or for worse” part of the marriage, you will be able to love and support your spouse unconditionally. Is a bipolar marriage possible? Absolutely!

Source by David E. Oliver

Juicing Information 101

Juicing Information 101

Juicing has become a popular way to incorporate a healthy habit into your everyday diet. It is an easy way to substitute a heavy meal for a healthy serving of fruit, that is also quick and easy. Additionally, it is simple and helps to provide the nutrients needed for the on-the-go lifestyle that so many of us have today.

Juicing is not limited to any specific recipe. There are many recipes for juicing, as well as many juicing machines. Juicing recipes can be orientated for many specific reasons. Such reasons include weight loss, cancer, diet, and fasting.

Juicing machines are no longer as expensive as they used to be. Now, you can get a specific machine that allows you to determine how thick you would prefer your juices to be. You could also just use a blender to develop your favorite recipes.

Juicing has become a quick and tasty way to enjoy all the fruits and vegetables that your body needs. Juicing with wheatgrass is also a great way to get the necessary greens into your body. If you involve wheatgrass, you open the door to the benefits of wheatgrass juicing. You could also incorporate dried wheatgrass powders into any recipe and receive the same health benefits.

Juicing is different than simply drinking. Regular juice usually contains a small degree of actual fruit juice. Many times, it is primarily sugar. Juicing, however, involves nothing but fresh fruit and fresh vegetables. There is no concentrate or additional sugar added or even needed.

Juicing machines also allow anyone to make their favorite fruit smoothie. Juicing smoothies can be made easily and cheaply. No more spending six dollars at a place like Jamba Juice. Instead, try buying bags of frozen fruit from your neighborhood grocery store, along with some yogurt. You can add these frozen fruits and yogurt to any of your juicing recipes – with some ice – to come up with your own wonderful frozen fruit smoothie.

The nutritional benefit of juicing is obvious. There is no easier way to get the fruits and vegetables that your body needs. Another benefit is that you can create portable meals for yourself. A juice smoothie can substitute for an informal meal, and can be kept in something as simple as a water bottle. This allows you to have an on-the-go meal that is healthy at anytime you need.

Incorporate anything your diet needs into juicing. Whether it is fiber or vitamins, anything can be included in juicing. The options for juicing recipes are limitless and are only bound by your imagination. Start your morning off with a healthy juice smoothie, or end your day with a light and refreshing juice drink. Your body will notice a difference, so try juicing today!

Source by Andrew Wystone

All About Ringworm Treatment, And How It Effects The Body

All About Ringworm Treatment, And How It Effects The Body

Ringworm is a common infection among children and adults worldwide. These skin complaints are very contagious and can prove very distressing. They can be spread from human to human, through contact with animals, communal changing places such as swimming pools. Schools and nurseries are the ideal places for children to catch ringworm. There are many types of ringworm that affects various parts of your body. Some may be unsightly, frustratingly itchy or persistent. This article will focus on the different types of ringworm that affects the body, and the ringworm treatment available.

Types Of Treatment For Body Ringworm

This is recognized by itchy patches on the body that are usually circular with a prominent edge. Many antifungal creams and lotions are available for the treatment of this type of infection. When treating the infected area with an antifungal cream, continue treatment for at least a week after the ringworm has gone, to ensure complete eradication of the fungus. In really resistant cases, or the infection is not responding to treatment you should see your doctor.

How To Treat Scalp Ringworm

This can be identified by one or several round, itchy patches on the scalp, with stumps of broken hairs of variable length, which results in bald patches. It mainly occurs in children and is more common in overcrowded conditions. Over the counter antifungal lotions are pretty good for clearing the infection if caught in the early stages. A popular home remedy is sea salt, when applied it dries the infected area, which in turn helps it to heal.
If the infection is widespread or becomes inflamed, an antifungal taken by mouth, such as itraconazole can be acquired from your doctor.

Treating Nail Ringworm

Nails are the most difficult ringworm infection of all to treat, because they are slow growing. The toenails are more often affected than the fingers. If the infection has only spread to a few nails, treatment can be successful with an antifungal lacquer containing the active ingredient, tioconazole or amorolfine. If treatment does not respond or scaling of the soles or palms is present, your doctor may need to prescribe an oral antifungal medication such as, griseofulvin or terbinafine, which may need to be taken for six months.

Jock Itch Treatment

Antifungal creams are available for this infection and are, often combined with a mild antiseptic and a mild steroid to reduce itching. Keeping the infected area clean and well ventilated plays an important role in healing this infection. If a topical treatment fails or the infection is widespread, you should see your doctor, where he may prescribe you some medication, such as fluconazole.

Treating Athlete's Foot

This is the most common type of ringworm infection. It mostly occurs in adolescents and adults, but can at times be picked up by younger children. It can be noticed by the cracking and itching between the toes. Cream containing terbinafine is one of the most effective topical treatments. If a topical treatment fails or the infection is widespread, you should see your doctor where an oral antifungal medication may be prescribed. Natural remedies including garlic juice and tea tree oil are alternatives for treating this type of ringworm.

Some of these ringworm treatment creams bought over the counter may produce a permanent cure. Others may simply improve the condition or keep the ringworm under control. It's important to note if conditions have not improved after two weeks, or you do not understand how the treatment works, or are worried about any possible side effects, always talk to your doctor.

Source by Paddy Reilly

Can I Jumpstart My Diet So I Can Lose Weight This Week?

Can I Jumpstart My Diet So I Can Lose Weight This Week?

I have been asked, “Is there a way I can jump start my diet so I can lose weight this week?” And while an entire weight loss problem will not be solved in 7 days I understand the desire to lose weight quickly or in time for a special event and this article shows you how you can get your weight loss accelerated this week to not only drop the pounds fast but also prime your body for continued weight loss.

Jumpstart my diet

1. Carbohydrates will be key. When you eat carbohydrates your body retains water and this can leave you feeling bloated and heavy. To lose weight quickly you can eat carbohydrates early in the day when your body easily uses them up for energy and then eliminate them from your diet in the evening so your body releases stored water and so your body does not turn these energy foods into fat.

2. Eat protein at your meals and snacks. Eating frequent small meals this week that contain protein will help keep your metabolism high and keep you feeling satisfied.

3. Fill up on fiber. Eat unlimited amounts of non-starchy vegetables. You will get large amounts of fiber to fill your stomach and very few calories.

4. Cut out sugary drinks. Watch out for hidden sugar and calories in soda, flavored coffee drinks and juices. These calorie-dense drinks pack on pounds and do very little to satisfy your hunger.

5. Keep track. If you are serious about losing the weight then you will want to keep a food journal recording what you eat and drink this week. This will help you stay accountable and eliminate mindless eating so you jumpstart your diet without careless mistakes.

Source by Dr. Becky Gillaspy

21st Century Mince Pies

21st Century Mince Pies

Makes 12 Mince Pies

1 orange
10 hazelnuts
50g 70% chocolate
250g mincemeat
370g puff pastry
200g fillo pastry
100g melted butter
icing sugar

1) Using a pestle & mortar, pound the hazelnuts into fine crumbs. And with a sharp knife chop the chocolate finely.
2) On a well floured surface, roll out the puff pastry into a 3mm rectangle.
3) Grate half an orange and using your finger tips move the zest around the dough, covering its entire surface.
4) Spoon over the mince meat all over the rectangular dough and sprinkle over the hazelnuts (leaving a hand full aside) and dark chocolate.
5) Tightly roll the dough lengthways, until you have a long log.
6) Cut 12 rolls and set them aside.
7) Preheat the oven to 180C / 350F / gas mark 4
8) On a clear surface, overlap four corners of the fillo sheets, resulting in aa large rectangle. Thinly brush all over with melted butter. Repeat the process until you have 4 layers, that will be a total of 16 fillo pastry sheets. On the top layer, cover with melted butter.
9) Using a 12 cup cupcake oven tray, place the buttered side of the fillo pasty layers over it and carefully press in the pastry into the moulds, covering the whole oven tray.
10) Place the 12 puff mince rolls in each mould and sprinkle the rest of the grounded hazelnuts on top of each one. Brush over the remaining butter over the fillo pastry and sprinkle some icing sugar and place in the preheated oven for 25mins.
11) Leave to cool completely and break each one apart. Give a final dusting of icing sugar …
12) Enjoy …

* To give this recipe justice, you'll need to view the photos.
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