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Secret Admirer? Let the Secret Out With These Fantastic Presents!

Secret Admirer? Let the Secret Out With These Fantastic Presents!

Valentine’s Day can leave some people feeling more than a little apprehensive. They may worry that they will not receive any Valentine’s Day cards at all, but it is always a lovely surprise to receive more of them than expected. The fact that they are anonymous can add to the excitement as we try to remember if we can recognise the handwriting, but more often than not the senders of these Valentine’s cards remain a mystery, which really defeats the object of sending them in the first place. Having a secret admirer is such a boost to your confidence; imagine how thrilling it is to find out exactly who is holding us close to their heart.

Of course it is even more exciting to receive Valentines Day presents as well. This gesture shows that the sender really does mean business if they have gone to the trouble of finding lovely Valentines Day presents for you, especially if they are secret admirers who probably do not know you well enough to be sure what kind of gifts you would really like to receive.

Whether your secret admirer wants you to find out who he or she is or whether they wish to keep it a secret, Valentines Day presents are a great way of showing they care. A lovely Valentine’s Day gift will be something that gets the message across to you loud and clear that they adore you. It may be from your spouse, partner, girlfriend or boyfriend or it could even be from someone who has noticed you across a crowded room but you do not even know they exist – yet. So when you open your Valentines Day presents on the day, remember the care and thought behind it before you phone all your friends up looking for clues as to who your secret admirer may be.

What could be better than to receive a delicious bottle of bubbly on Valentines Day, especially one that is personalised with a special label just for you, with a lovely heart-warming message? It may say ‘I love you’ or even ‘guess who’, but either way you can pour yourself a glass of champers while you consider who your admirer might be. If you are planning to send out lots of Valentines Day cards this year, the best cards are those which are handmade and the Valentine Kit is just what you need to make some lovely designs. The kit contains stencils, stickers, patterned paper, card and envelopes as well as an instruction leaflet that will help you to get started.

If you are planning a romantic dinner at home for the two of you, you will need the Love at First Sight Valentines Day presents with holographic glasses and a romantic candle. As you gaze lovingly into your true love’s eyes, a halo of hearts will appear around his or her head.

Humorous Valentines Day presents such as this are real ice breakers when the atmosphere may be a little tense and is sure to melt the ice and have you both giggling in each other’s arms in no time. For those of you who are confident that the evening is bound to be a definite success, Chocolate Body Paint is for all lovers looking for a little extra sensual treat. Equipped with soft brush, Valentines Day presents like this are definitely not for shy couples. If your Valentines Day date doesn’t work out, you have always got a big tube of chocolate to consume, even if you are on your own.

If you can remember all those teenage parties you used to go to, eagerly looking for the love of your life, you are bound to remember playing spin the bottle. The Deluxe Spin the Bottle is one of those Valentines Day presents that screams for a party with a few very good friends and with different strategies such as Strip and Deluxe Kiss, the party will certainly be one to remember. You could, of course, keep it for just the two of you, as this will be so much more fun. If you want to remain anonymous, send your love a Two Red Hearts Mini Token, a polished glass token featuring two cute hearts that makes a beautiful and stylish keepsake.

Do you love someone enough to give them your last Rolo? Now is your chance to do it in style with a sterling silver Rolo in its own presentation box. Add your own personal message and you know that you will come up trumps with your sweetheart on the day. You do not have to stay a secret admirer for long with these Valentines Day presents.

Source by Neil Jontas

Choosing a Diet – Diets That Work Fast

Choosing a Diet – Diets That Work Fast

Diets That Work Fast

Diets that work fast are something many people, who want to lose a few pounds fast, are looking for. These type of plans are known as fad diets. Most of these plans can be used to lose a few pounds fast but should not be used long term, as many health problems could occur. These health problems occur because of extremely low calorie intake, or meal plans that are not properly balanced using all of the food groups. Some Diets that work fast are the Atkins Diet, South Beach Diet, Diabetic Diet, and the 3 Day Diet Plan.

South Beach Diet – The South Beach Diet offers meals that taste great and people lose weight while eating these great tasting meals. This plan is well balanced, it includes a lot of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and healthy oils. This plan lowers cholesterol and improves insulin levels at the same time people experience healthy weight-loss. Another healthy thing about the South Beach Diet is that it discourages the consumption of saturated fat such as butter and fatty cuts of meat, while encouraging people to eat monounsaturated fats like olive oil and fish (omega-3 fatty acids).

Diabetic Diet – A Diabetic Diet will lower weight and maintain the lower weight over time. Also it will help maintain normal glucose levels. A Diabetic Diet is not one set meal plan instead doctors and nutritionists have options to help control blood sugar levels. This is because each individual person has different requirements needed to lower blood sugar.

3 Day Diet Plan – 3 Day Diet Plans are very popular diets that work fast, because people lose a lot of weight in a short amount of time. There are two main groups of 3 Day Diets, very low calorie diets and 3 day detox diets. The 3 Day Detox Diets are made up mostly of fruit and cleanse the body of toxins. Many people lose up to 10 pounds in 3 days with these types of plans. In addition these diets that work fast are a good way to jump start a good healthy long term weight-loss plan because people experience rapid weight-loss in the beginning, this gives encouragement, because people see quick results at the beginning.

Atkins Diet – The best thing about the Atkins plan is rapid weight-loss. This is a high-fat high-protein no carb diet, that in the first phase of the plan eliminates all carbohydrates. Eliminating bad carbohydrates is good for the body, and great for weight-loss. This plan also cuts down on the intake of trans-fats, these types of fats are found in margarine and shortening. Natural fats such as dairy products are allowed. This high-fat high-protein meal plan can cause some health problems like constipation caused from the very low amount of fiber consumed. Many people experience improper function of the kidneys. Another bad thing about the Atkins Diet is that most people gain the weight they lost right back after they quit the diet.

Source by Jamie E Bell

Why Are Coffee Mugs Always In Fashion?

Why Are Coffee Mugs Always In Fashion?

When it comes to gift the items to the employees, customers, and business members in the corporate world, it becomes quite difficult to choose the item. From the wide range of the items, mugs are the reliable option for every company and you can distribute them on the behalf of the company. Buying a perfect gift for the corporate world is a considerably daunting task. From the perspective of each company and their gifting policies, mugs are the great option for your clients and customers. The corporate gifts are given to the employees and clients who are associated with the operation of the business.

There Are Various Benefits Of Choosing Mugs As The Corporate Gifts:-

Return On Investment: You may think that source of investment in every business is advertising. However, there are various ways to advertise your business. The return is the main motive of every business investor and you certainly need to give it a second thought if you think about a huge investment for the purpose of advertisement. You can advertise it effectively and affordably through the products. Mugs are inexpensive and give you better returns. It surely drives more audience to you.

Generate Sales: The mugs can generate more sales. How? When you offer something qualitative instead of quantitative, people will get back to you for the commitment to quality. More visitors mean better opportunities to convert them into revenues. The customers introduce your product to more relatives which can drive more sales. This is not a one-night miracle, for such strategies you need to have some patience and wait to see the results.

Build Reputation: Another important thing for a business person before profit is to earn a name and build a reputation in the market among the competitors. Such strategies help you to increase the awareness towards your brand and win the trust of the customers with the freebies and quality of the products. People love to receive seasonal gifts and what is in fashion, after all, no one likes to receive a sweater in summers. Mugs are always in fashion and they are suitable for all the seasons.

Easy To Share The Message: The option for customization of the mugs is always available for the corporate sector and you can get your message printed with the logo of your company. It allows you to share the message with the audience with an ease. As the mugs are forever and long-lasting product; it increases the remembrance of the customers whenever they use or come in the contact with the product.

Source by Naresh Chainani

10 Tips for How Women Get Noticed in the Workplace

10 Tips for How Women Get Noticed in the Workplace

Last month's Leadership Circle focused on the Tiara Syndrome, ie how women believe rewards come through hard work and keeping your head down. "If I work hard, people will notice and that's how I'll get on my career" is a common belief women have. No, no, no! Women are often overlooked for promotion, for project opportunities and for gaining additional responsibilities. Women have to savvy up and realize that they have to do different things if they are to get noticed in the workplace.

Here are my top 10 tips for how women can get noticed in the workplace.

Tip 1: Speak up in Meetings.

Research by the Virginian Tech institute found that often women do not speak up in meetings if they are surrounded by 'clever' people. Whoever you are surrounded by, you have to have the confidence in yourself and believe that your contribution is worthy and of value to the others around the table. Having the guts to speak out, share your view and introduce a different perspective is one of the small steps you can take to get yourself noticed. Sitting quietly, nodding your head and agreeing with others will just not work.

Tip 2: External Networking

The majority of women dislike networking with a passion and often can not see the value. I would urge anyone who desires to get on in their career to get over it. You have to be known both internally (see below) and externally. External networking means obtaining involved with associations to do with your sector; Volunteer for committees; Finding a mentor in a different organization to your own. The list is endless. Who knows you and what do they know about you is critical. Take one step and find something where you can get involved.

Tip 3: Take on More Responsibility

You may prefer to wait until your year end assessment, or for the magic moment when your boss comes along and requests for your input … A much stronger approach is for you to go and find out – ask your boss what else you can be Doing; Speak to other influencers in the organization about what you could get involved in; Take on projects that will help you and help your work peers.

Tip 4: Shout About It!

If you do not let people know you what you are up to, you will not get noticed. You have to become comfortable with sharing the additional responsibilities you are involved in; The external work you are doing and your achievements. Do not presume people will know. I promise you they will not. Get yourself a journal and keep a record of all the things you are involved in; Your achievements and your highlights. You can drop it into conversation, explain why you are ready for a new role and share with key influencers.

Tip 5: Internal Networking

As well as the external networking, you have to get known internationally. That means seeking people out; Asking their opinion on important projects; Finding out what they are up to and how you could help; Understanding what their landscape is. Once people realize you are interested in helping and knowing what is going on you will get noticed. Find one or two people you could go for a coffee with. Do not waste each other's time though – have a plan of what you want to know / how you can help. It's rare that we get these requests in the workplace and people will certainly appreciate the intent.

Tip 6: Be Confident and Persuasive

Too often I hear women say that they wish they had more confidence; They wish they could get others to hear and take on their point of view. Confidence can be built with having more skills in your tool-kit. I'm a huge fan of using influencing and assertiveness strategies and frameworks to help women boost their confidence. Consider your range of influencing approaches when wanting to win over others. How do you approach others and how could you flex your style more?

Tip 7: Stand up to Bullies and Aggressive Managers

Another way to get noticed in the workplace is to stand up to bullies and aggressive managers. Conflict avoidance is a common trap women fall into – for fear of not being liked, respected and the emotional upheaval conflict can often cause. Again I'll encourage you to consider your conflict toolkit – do you face conflict head on? Do you bury your head in the sand? Do you seek win win? Do you plan and think about different approaches? If this is something you dislike doing, then create a personal development plan just on this topic to improve your strengths.

Tip 8: Appreciate Others

I was working with a large organization the other week where a group of senior leaders were complaining about the amount of workload they had on. They had finished a huge project and had worked very long hours. They'd received a thank you and a well done. No celebration, no gifts, no thank you cards, no meals. They were straight away onto the next project. The power of appreciating others is absolutely huge. Whether that's thanking a specific team member, a peer, your boss or even a senior leader will go a long way towards getting noticed. Think about one person every day you can thank.

Tip 9: Being Mindful of Your Body Language, Your Voice Tone and Your Language

Because most women have a tendency to keep their heads down to get noticed, they do not tend to pay enough notice to their body language. Our non-verbal communication accounts for 93% of the impact we have on others. Be very aware of how you walk into a meeting, the office, how you work at your laptop, your tone of voice when speaking on the phone, your eye contact, your smile. All of this is being read by others. They'll be thinking: "What mood is she in today?" If you've never been videoed – do it! It's one of the best ways to see how you are coming across to others.

Tip 10: Get Yourself a Coach

Of course I'm going to leave the best one to last! A coach will help you to create a clear pathway through the weeds and jungle of your mind. A coach will put you on the right track, will challenge you, give you the feedback and support you every step of the way. A coach can create a personal development plan with you – identifying the specific actions, the support you are going to need and to keep you accountable along the way. If you've not already got a coach, go get one!

Source by Sandra Z Green

Changing Your Lifestyle to Increase Sex Drive

Changing Your Lifestyle to Increase Sex Drive

The ability to increase sex drive, especially in women, is one that is particularly important for most healthy relationships. However, simply downing pills and swabbing creams is generally a band-aid fix; you also have to do some changes to your lifestyle. There are a number of ways to increase sex drive under your own power so that you can enhance your sexual libido.

Diet and Exercise

Probably one of the most important things you can do for your sexual life is to take care of your body. Eating healthily and exercising regularly are not only good for your waistline and figure, but it is also good for your sexual health. You’ll have more stamina, more energy, and look better so you’ll feel sexier. Some foods are also ‘sex enhancement’ foods; chocolate for example releases feel good hormones that put you in the mood while bananas are high in B vitamins that are important for stamina. Other foods include almonds, pumpkin seeds, and figs!

Exercise is important as well. Not only does exercise give you a neater figure and more strengthen and stamina, but exercising also releases endorphins and feel good hormones that make you feel more vibrant, alive, and thus more sexual. Getting out more will also give you more to talk about and thus you’ll be a more interesting person which will in turn fuel a healthy relationship and sex life.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

Stress and depression have a devastating effect on your libido. When you are over tired and depressed, you have no energy, you feel ugly and unsexy, and you don’t want to deal with other people, not even your partner. Anxiety, sadness and anger are heavy emotions and they don’t leave a lot of room for sexual feelings. Furthermore, the drugs used to treat depression and anxiety usually wreck your libido in the process, so you get a double whammy of negative sexuality. If you want to increase sex drive, take some time out to relax, talk out your problems, and try seeing more of the positives in life.

Slow Down the Drinking

A glass of wine = lowered inhibitions. Too much beer; no libido! Although a little bit of alcohol is good for relaxing and having fun (as well as your heart if you drink wine), too much alcohol over the long term will damage your body and trash your libido. Increase your sex drive by cutting back on the alcohol and relying on other means of having fun like going out on a romantic date.

Cultivate your Relationship

Problems and tensions in the relationship wrecks sexual energy. If you want to increase your sex drive, start talking things out. Tell your partner what you want from your sex life and make sure to deal with issues as they come up instead of allowing them to ferment and put you in a bad mood. Honesty is also a good way to feel closer to each other, so it hits your libido on both sides and will greatly improve your sex life.

Of course, the use of products such as creams and drops will help your sex life as well, but the best improvements will come from your own efforts. Take a look at your lifestyle before you start resorting solely to the use of products and you’ll find that things like Germany sex drops will work much better for it.

Source by Abel Austin

How Does Smoking Cigarettes Reduce Stress?

How Does Smoking Cigarettes Reduce Stress?

It is said that cigarettes help to reduce stress and help people relax, a fact smokers regularly produce when asked why they can’t quit smoking. “I can’t quit I’m too stressed out.” Is a common sentence uttered by many a smoker every day. And when in a tough, problematic, critical and anxious situation a smoker will more than likely ‘need’ a cigarette to calm his nerves.

And smokers also get several other benefits from smoking including increased concentration, an added energy ‘boost’ mental ‘strength’ to deal with tough situations, curing boredom and relaxation.

These aspects can be condensed into two main beneficial areas of smoking. Firstly that, smoking is calming and relaxing, and secondly, it helps smokers concentrate and think clearly.

So on the Calming and Relaxing side – cigarettes take the stress out of life (relaxation) and help relive tension and stress. The benefits of smoking are to help smokers calm down and reduce anxiety and stress. When you visualise or think of relaxing what comes to your mind? It’s usually a slumping of the shoulders effect, that aaaaaahhhhhhhhh… slip into your arm chair and letting go feeling – you are relaxing.

On the Strength and Boost side – smoking is uplifting, helps with concentration, keeps smokers on their toes and gives them mental strength. The other benefit of smoking is that it lifts smokers up a level – their senses are awakened. When you visualise or think of yourself concentrating and being uplifted what comes to mind? Generally it’s a head up, on our feet, eyes open, chest out, shoulders back and an alert state of mind and effect – it gives you that I’m ready, let’s do it and let’s go feeling.

So cigarettes can have two effects – at times cigarettes can make you feel more relaxed and calmer – a general feeling of tranquillity or peacefulness. AND cigarettes can make you feel more confident, more capable, better equipped to deal with tough situations and they can give you increased concentration – a general energetic and empowered feeling.

But how is it that this same product or substance can do both of these things? Two different things that are complete opposites?

Smokers have been told, and believe that cigarettes not only help to lower stress levels but they also help to keep you on your toes – two completely different effects. Relaxation is a suppressing feeling while concentration is an uplifting feeling.

How can the same substance or product make the body feel up and raring to go and also make it relaxed and increase inner tranquillity?

The truth is that cigarettes can’t make or help smokers do both, or either – it’s impossible. You’ve also been told that cigarettes can cure boredom, help you enjoy your coffee and tea and meals and also sex more.

But again, how can cigarettes do all of these things? Yes nicotine does have a stimulating effect, (as it releases dopamine, the body’s natural pleasure drug, into the brain) but how the hell does it make you feel up, down and everything in between?

Basically we have been told that cigarettes can pretty much do whatever you want them to, depending on the circumstances surrounding you while you smoke. So if you need some mental energy or strength – have a cigarette and if you want to relax and forget about your problems then you should have a cigarette too! How can the same cigarette make you feel how you want to feel, depending on your choosing?

The truth is that despite nicotine releasing dopamine into the brain, all the other substances in a cigarette actually put a huge strain on your brain and body – they make you feel more tense, more anxious, more stressed and more on edge. No matter how much you argue against this it’s the cold hard truth!

Look at the undeniable stressful effects of smoking on you and your body below.

1. When carbon monoxide and nicotine enter your body they reduce the amount and supply of oxygen to your brain. Without this oxygen (the fuel of the brain), your brain struggles to function properly, think clearly and concentrate.

It is a fact that nicotine and carbon monoxide reduce oxygen levels in a smoker’s body and it is also a fact that the body needs oxygen to concentrate, not even the doctors and scientists can deny that!

Essentially oxygen is the basis of all activity in the body – any effort the body makes (from thinking to running), is harder with less oxygen. The carbon monoxide and nicotine in cigarettes prevent oxygen from reaching the brain and the other organs in the body – this simply cannot help you relax or concentrate. It’s impossible!

The nicotine may give you a little pick me up, but it and cigarettes simply cannot do all of the things that millions of smokers, just like you have been led to believe and continue telling yourself.

2. Nicotine is a vaso-constrictor – it shrinks your veins and arteries in size, meaning that your heart is forced to work harder to pump the same amount of blood around your body, but through a smaller space. Add to that, the fact that tar and the other chemicals in cigarettes are being deposited in your veins reducing blood flow even more.

The result is that your beats 35,000 times more per day than a non-smoker and your blood pressure is also ten to twenty points higher than it should be, under this added workload.

3. The effect that nicotine has on the insulin in your blood puts your body under constant stress. Every forty five minutes or so, when you smoke, the nicotine in your body blocks the release of insulin (this is the appetite suppressant effect).

Once this nicotine has worn off your insulin is re-released, and forty five minutes to an hour or two later you have another cigarette.

This stop start process puts a huge strain on your body – a non-smoker’s body will only reduce the flow of insulin when he really needs it – when he hasn’t eaten in a while. But smokers make their body’s stop-start this process twenty times more, or more a day than a non-smoker. This is an added stressful workload on your body.

4. The several thousand chemicals, poisons, toxins and carcinogens in a cigarette force the body into a state of shock.

When you inhale the smoke from a cigarette your body has to adapt to the presence of harmful chemicals. Each of which are deposited in your veins, lungs, heart, arteries and other organs in your body, then when you stop smoking for a few hours (e.g. at night) your body does it’s best to clear out the foreign substances.

You will also experience this process through a ‘smoker’s cough’ in the day and also in the morning, when yours body has had eight hours or so to start the cleansing process, and you cough up a lot of mucus.

Both of these attempts at cleaning out the toxins puts your body through a strenuous cleansing regime

process every time you stop smoking, every day of your smoking life. A non-smoker will only experience this cleansing process, as extensively as a smoker when he has a virus or infection or if they smoke a cigarette.

The truth is that smoking is only an ‘effective’ stress relief tool because you believe cigarettes and nicotine can help you. And that is the key – you believe.

It all comes back to what you think. Because you tell yourself that cigarettes calm you, you think they do. Because you tell yourself that they help you concentrate, you think they do (despite the fact that you are putting a huge strain on your system – your heart beats an extra 35,000 times per day due to the reduction in vein size making your blood pressure higher).

So even though cigarettes and nicotine are having a harmful and weakening effect on your body, which you have always known, you believe that they make you stronger and more capable of dealing with life. It is a clever trick that the tobacco companies have played on you!

They have shown you on films, on TV and in commercials that cigarettes help you concentrate, relive stress, beat problems, enjoy sex more and that they make men more manly and women more sexy.

You have to give them credit because it has worked and it is still working! But once you take a step back and look at the overall picture, you can see that advertising and your beliefs have led you to believe that you need cigarettes and nicotine, and that they bring you many benefits. When in fact that is all in your head!

But it can’t just be the placebo effect (believing that something will happen, makes it happen) that makes you concentrate and relax can it? The truth is no, but only to an extent.

So yes when you smoke you may feel slightly relaxed – this is down to the way you breathe when you smoke. Have you noticed any difference in the way you breathe when you smoke? Take a minute and put your fingers to your lips and pretend you are smoking, or better yet – light up a cigarette!

Have you noticed anything different in comparison to your normal breathing patterns? You should have noticed the two following patterns.

Firstly, your in-breath was much stronger when smoking. Try it again, inhale as if you were smoking a cigarette. This deeper in-breath sucks in a lot more air than normal breathing because you are sucking air in from the bottom of your stomach (your diaphragm). With this extra air also comes more oxygen – your brain and body’s fuel, up to 20% more oxygen in fact than when you breathe normally.

The second thing you should have noticed is the way you exhale. Your out-breath was also much stronger and deeper, when smoking. Try it again, breathe out deeply without cigarette smoke, do it several times.

How do you feel? You feel relaxed and calm don’t you! Exhaling feels good, especially when it is done strongly. Have you noticed that when you laugh and when you sigh you exhale and breathe out strongly? Breathing out has a calming and positive effect on the body. So even though the smoke puts a strain on your system, when you breathe out strongly you feel good.

So basically when you smoke you are just practicing deep breathing exercises. The deep breaths provide your body and organs with more oxygen, which helps you to relax and release stress to a degree. I say to a degree because that extra oxygen is not enough to compensate for the strain that the chemicals in a cigarette put on your body.

So smoking itself doesn’t actually reduce stress, or help you concentrate in any way – it’s the way you breathe that does that for you. Have you ever wondered why people tell you to take deep breaths when you feel a craving or withdrawal symptoms? It’s because the deep breathing mimics the way you breathe when you smoke.

Every time you have a cigarette you put your body under stress. Then your body tries to clean out the chemicals, which again makes you feel uncomfortable, and puts you under stress. And you do this every day going round and round in circles, no wonder you a re so stressed!

Then when your body realises it has extremely low blood sugar (no nicotine to block insulin which releases your sugar stores) you get pangs and cravings because your body needs sugar – it becomes stressed. You then have a cigarette to relieve that stress. Then after forty five minutes or so the process starts all over again! You are just going around in one huge destructive and pointless circle.

People say smoking reduces stress, when in fact – the stress is caused by the last cigarette – when nicotine and the chemicals enter your body you put it under a huge strain. Then when the nicotine leaves your body it becomes stressed – because there is no nicotine to release sugar into the blood.

Tobacco increases stress and then relieves it (artificially by playing with your blood sugar levels) when you smoke. So smoking is basically like hitting yourself over the head with a hammer because it feels really good when you stop!

A major reason why people say they can’t or won’t stop smoking is – they feel they would be giving up a very effective stress management technique. But once you stop smoking for a short period of time, you will become calmer, even under stress, than when you were a smoker.

Another smoking myths is that it ‘cures boredom.’ This argument is so pointless that it hardly merits much attention. Yes some people believe that it cures boredom, but so does banging your head against a wall and stabbing yourself with a fork. That doesn’t mean it’s either good for you, effective, productive or an adequate way to deal with the situation.

Again if you rely on cigarettes to cure boredom, all you are doing is telling yourself – ‘I am not good enough to deal with this situation on my own. My cigarettes will take care of it.’

If you smoke due to boredom, you need to pay particular attention to changing your habits so that you have adequate new methods to keep yourself entertained.

Smoking as a stress relief mechanism is just and excuse. Many smokers know this but continue to lie to themselves because it prevents them from admitting that they cannot stop smoking.

Finding new ways to deal with stress is essential if you are going to make your stop smoking attempt a success.

My Complete Step By Step Guide To Quitting Smoking explains how to beat the stresses of everyday life when you quit smoking and it shows you how to break any and all your associations to smoking, so you can become completely smoke free in 3-4 weeks.

Source by Daniel Fargher

The Right Way to Cook Rice in the Microwave

The Right Way to Cook Rice in the Microwave

While it is a wonderful staple food and an excellent side dish for all kinds of meals, rice is unfortunately one of the harder foods to cook in a microwave because so many things can go wrong. At times when trying this in the past, you have probably found that the rice comes out dry, burnt, or even mushy and gross when cooked in a microwave. There are things that you can do that will help you get a better quality rice out of your microwave if this is the only way that you have to cook this type of food.

The first thing that you need is a quality microwave safe bowl. This bowl for rice is going to need to be tall. When the rice cooks, you will need the bowl to be high because it will boil up and spill out if you do not have higher walls on that bowl.

Follow the water directions on your rice package exactly. Too little water and too much water causes problems. Literally measure out the rice and water to be exact as possible.

The big secret to cooking rice in a microwave is to let it sit inside the bowl with the water for about 20 minutes. This gets the rice softer and ready to be cooking in a microwave. Do not skip this step as it makes a huge difference.

Check on your rice every few minutes and stir it a bit. You need to find the exact point where the rice is cooked but not mushy or to the point of being dry and burnt. Every microwave is different so this is going to vary from one to another in terms of minutes.

Let the rice stay in the microwave a few minutes ones the microwave shuts off. This completes the cooking process.

Afterwards you have two option. You can drain it and eat it as is. The other thing you can do is run it under cold water. This makes the rice less sticky. Add in what you want to eat with the rice and heat it up again.

Source by Herb Leibacher

Your Bread Making Machine – A Nifty Gadget That Produces Delicious Bread For Your Family Every Day

Your Bread Making Machine – A Nifty Gadget That Produces Delicious Bread For Your Family Every Day

Are you on a mission to make the best bread?

Have you experienced making bread that was a flop?

There are some basic bread making tips using your bread machine that you should be aware of.

Have you purchased the right type of flour? The right type of yeast? Have you placed the ingredients into your bread pan in the right order? There are some of the factors to keep in mind when learning how to make bread at home.

Whip up some tasty home baked bread in your bread making machine for the family to enjoy each and every day.

Buying Your Bread Making Machine

First up, get prepared by purchasing essential baking equipment. You'll need to purchase a reliable bread maker. Some of the popular brands of bread machines available include Zojirushi, Sunbeam, West Bend, Breadman, Cuisinart and Panasonic. Shop at Amazon or visit specialty retail shops to purchase the right machine for your household.

Some of the factors you'll need to consider include the size of the bread pan, programmable settings and auto set features, guarantees, design and the reliability of the brand. Be sure to read other customers reviews to find out what they have to say about their machine.

Once you get started with your baking, you'll be using your machine fairly often, so you'll want to purchase a reliable and durable machine that will last for years to come. Another feature of your bread making machine to consider is whether you'll want to use it for other baking, such as for making dough, cakes and jams. Current models have super functionality to make delicious cakes in your bread maker, and to make jams and spreads to accompany your freshly baked bread.

Buy the Right Utensils

As well as buying a bread maker, you'll also need to get equipped with the right kitchen essentials. Some items to add to your shopping list include measuring cups so that you can measure your ingredients, both liquid and non liquid ingredients. You'll need a set a kitchen scales, a thermometer, some standing measuring spoons, a cutting board and also a wire rack so that you can cool your bread once it is out of your oven or bread making machine.

Get the Right Ingredients

You'll need to visit a baking supplies store to purchase ingredients such as bread flour and yeast. Yeast is a very important component of bread making as it is the micro organism belonging to the fungi family which acts as the leavening agent when making bread. In the process of leavening, the yeast in your bread dough mixture ferments with sugar to give off carbon dioxide gases. As the carbon dioxide gets trapped within bubbles, this causes the dough to rise. And, that in summary, is the process of dough rising to produce leavened bread.

Source by Brenda King

Defeat A Burning Feeling By Spiced Foods

Defeat A Burning Feeling By Spiced Foods

Burning feeling that is produced in our mouth after consume some chillies sometimes is too over. It is caused by some thing inside, that's why your mouth is like "on fire" after that. Some time, it makes us can not stay for longer, If you are still amateur eating something spicy, you can neutralize that hot sensation as soon as possible. This is some advice that you can try to dump that fire in your mouth.

There are many ways to do that. eat a spoon sugar, drink some beer (because beer is trusted more expert to defeat chillies than only water), etc. The most effective among them is warm water, you can try to drink it if you feel pain to much in your mouth. A Lot of people drink a cold water after eat a fiery food, but the fact is cold water can make your tongue is burned more, while a "warm water" do the opposite. After drink it you may be feel very pain first, but you can trust it after you try to do that. Fire in your mouth has would be disappear.

But it is suggested, that you should keep the burning sensation in your mouth. You can feel that your mouth produce something salt whenever you are "burned". That is the enzyme that can make your anti body progress. It can be against an cancer cell an another disease I your body. So its your turn to keep it or make it disappear.

Source by Slamet Manjaya

Cleopatra's Rose Water Mask

Cleopatra's Rose Water Mask

While she was the queen of the Nile, Cleopatra made a name for herself not only in history but in the world of beauty as well; mainly due to her vast beauty regimens. From super soft skin to luscious locks, her beauty secrets have made their way into our own beauty routines.

Unfortunately, due to the ever so hot blazing Egyptian sun, the queen of the Nile had a few dark spots to worry about. But being a true believer in natural remedies, Cleopatra used it as a way to even out her skin tone. What's so wonderful about it is that it mimics the effects of what a modern-day toner does, without it being harsh on the skin. The reason is that it's a natural astringent. It's wonderful in balancing the skin's pH level and stimulates the skin's regeneration process. It's a great, natural alternative to toners that contain chemicals that might aggravate sensitive skin.

As a preventive measure against sunburn, Cleopatra used rose water on a daily basis due to its anti-inflammatory properties which reduces redness. Early signs of wrinkles are also decreased with the daily use since the skin is kept hydrated.

With all these benefits, it's no wonder Cleopatra was a big fan of it. Here is one of my favorite do-it-yourself rose water mask inspired by the Egyptian goddess.

Rose Water Mask

Ingredients Needed:

* 1 tablespoon of organic rose water

* 1 teaspoon organic lemon juice

* 2 tablespoons of organic, pure honey

* Small bowl and spoon


Make sure the skin is clear, washed, and dry. Mix the rose water, lemon juice, and honey in a small bowl. Stir until the mixture is consistent. Using clean fingers, apply the mask over the entire face and neck. Allow the mask to settle for fifteen to twenty minutes. Wash the mask with lukewarm water after the time is up. Dry the area by slightly dabbing the face and neck with a clean tissue paper.


You can finish up by grabbing a cotton ball dipped in rose water and use it as a toner after the mask.

Recommended Usage:

Once a week for one month and once a month afterwards for monthly maintenance.

The use of the mask will make the skin refreshed, hydrated, and bright. It will leave pores tightened and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Skin will be smooth to the touch. Give it a go, your skin will thank you for it.

Source by Alia Aledawi